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LING419F Categorial and Type-logical Grammars

Categorial approaches to natural language grammars (syntax and semantics). Evaluation and augmentation of categorial grammars. Application of formal, proof-theoretic techniques using Natural Deduction and the Sequent Calculus

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LING200 Introductory Linguistics

An exploration of the nature of human language, designed for non-majors Introduction to the basic concepts and methodology of modern linguistic analysis (sound systems, word formation, sentence structure). Additional topics may include: semantics, pragmatics, social aspects of language, dialects, language change, acquisition, writing systems, typology, language universals, comparison with other communication systems, etc.

LING311 Syntax I

Basic concepts, analytical techniques of generative syntax, relation to empirical limits imposed by viewing grammars as representations of a component of human mind. Aspects of current theories.

LING312 Syntax II

Continuation of LING311. Development of theories of syntax. Criteria fo revising theories. Methods and strategies of scientific efforts to explain natural phenomena.

LING321 Phonology I

Properties of sound systems of human languages, basic concepts and analytical techniques of generative phonology. Empirical limits imposed by viewing grammars as cognitive representations. Physiological properties and phonological systems; articulatory phonetics and distinctive feature theory.